Orange Diamonds

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1.15 carat Princess cut Fancy Intense Orange diamond
1.15 carat
Fancy Intense Orange
Princess cut (VVS)
$ 3416
1.74 carat Princess cut Fancy Orange Cognac diamond
1.74 carat
Fancy Orange Cognac
Princess cut (VVS)
$ 6229 $ 5668
0.37 carat Princess cut Fancy Vivid Yellow Orange diamond
0.37 carat
Fancy Vivid Yellow Orange
Princess cut (SI)
$ 414
0.60 carat Princess cut Fancy Deep Cognac diamond
0.60 carat
Fancy Deep Cognac
Princess cut (VS1)
$ 1150
1.90 carat Princess cut Fancy Intense Yellow Orange diamond
1.90 carat
Fancy Intense Yellow Orange
Princess cut (I1)
$ 3808 $ 3466
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Once Halle Berry wore the Pumpkin diamond ring for the Oscar-giving event, it caught the attention of not only guests but the public as well. To say orange diamonds became the objects of lust is to say nothing. Orange diamond that the singer had on her finger has an impressive price tag - $3 million. Surely, such fancy orange diamonds are the privilege of celebrated people but there is always other ways out to express oneself – diamonds as well but of lower cost. Orange diamonds and fancy orange diamonds, as well as yellow, blue, colorless diamonds can be grown in the laboratories without detriment of their quality. Once you see a man made orange diamond on the counter, you won't be able to avert your eyes. The only thing stops you from owning it is the high price, isn't it? Please, visit our website to see more diamonds from our latest collections.
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