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100% Real Diamond

Grown from graphite, a carbon allotrope, all of our cultured diamonds are formed in High Pressure High Temperature conditions similar to those necessary for geological diamond growth. Because of this unique process, all lab-grown gemstones possess the same chemical, physical and optical properties of earth-mined diamonds and are different only because they are cultivated in a lab and not under the earth's crust. Certified by the world's most respected gemological authorities, our diamonds are not imitations, but genuine diamonds.

Diamond Certification offers you only 100% real diamonds certified by the world's most renowned gemological laboratories. The GIA, or Gemological Institute of America, is one of these leading diamond authenticators. As the world's premier authority on diamond grading, GIA adheres to the strictest grading scale standards for diamonds, which ensures the quality and authenticity of your created diamond. Along with GIA certification, our gemstones may be certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) or the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL).
All certifications are used to determine the quality of a gemstone in accordance with the international concept of the 4Cs: carat, color, clarity and cut. Each certified diamond is laser inscribed with unique ID with the option of adding a personal engraving at a small additional fee. With documented proof of quality and this unique identification, you can be confident that your purchased diamond is as genuine as it is beautiful.

Lifetime Color Guarantee lab-grown diamonds are available in shades of white (colorless) yellow, blue, green, red and rare pink. To grow colored diamonds, different technological processes and additives are used to produce some of the most unique diamond hues that can only rarely be found in earth-mined diamonds. Nitrogen, for example, creates a yellow or rich cognac hue while boron is responsible for the rare blue color of some stones. Formed from the combination of carbon and these elemental additives, diamonds of the most lustrous and sought-after colors are produced. We assure that irradiation is avoided in the creation process whenever possible (electron bombardment is used for red only) and that every diamond we sell is safe to wear.
One of the most amazing aspects of created diamonds is that they never fade! Lab-grown diamonds are guaranteed to retain their vibrancy, making them beautiful keepsakes to pass down through generations to come.


Each diamond offered by is grown individually like it is formed in nature. As with naturally-mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds may have inclusions and the clarity of the diamonds depends on its unique developmental conditions.

Conflict Free Diamonds

Produced in high-tech laboratories, our diamond creation process is controlled by our expert team of scientists, technicians and engineers. These people are employed under the highest ethical standards and fair labor practices. Unlike natural diamonds which have been the cause of armed conflicts and child labor exploitation, cultured diamonds are grown by man.

Money Back Guarantee values our customers and our product promise. After a purchase is finalized, we allow customers 7 days to determine if they want to return their diamond. Within this 7-day period only, you have the option to return your diamond to us for a full refund - no questions asked.

Eco Friendly Gemstones

Learn about how our diamonds are environment friendly.

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