Blue Cultured Diamonds

Choose from our stunning selection of our beautiful vivid and intense blue colored lab created diamonds.
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0.63 carat Radiant cut Fancy Vivid Blue diamond
0.63 carat
Fancy Vivid Blue
Radiant cut (I1)
$ 2764
0.56 carat Marquise cut Fancy Blue diamond
0.56 carat
Fancy Blue
Marquise cut (SI2)
$ 3145
0.73 carat Round cut Fancy Blue diamond
0.73 carat
Fancy Blue
Round cut (SI2)
$ 3285
0.61 carat Round cut Fancy Blue diamond
0.61 carat
Fancy Blue
Round cut (VVS)
$ 3599
1.33 carat Oval cut Fancy Intense Blue diamond
1.33 carat
Fancy Intense Blue
Oval cut (I1)
$ 8198
1.59 carat Radiant cut Fancy Deep Blue diamond
1.59 carat
Fancy Deep Blue
Radiant cut (SI3)
$ 13008 $ 10063
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If you are looking for a specific blue cultured diamond not listed on our site, please contact us through the "Special Order" link to request information about our diamond inventory.
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