Green Diamonds

These diamonds are not only green in color but are, like all of our other diamonds, eco-friendly and responsibly-grown gems.For more details and ordering information, please click on the diamond images below.
Notice: the diamonds are not irradiated but are grown in special HPHT conditions in order to obtain the stable color.
0.27 carat Round cut Fancy Vivid Yellow Greenish diamond
0.27 carat
Fancy Vivid Yellow Greenish
Round cut (VS2)
$ 312
0.52 carat Princess cut Fancy Greenish Yellow diamond
0.52 carat
Fancy Greenish Yellow
Princess cut (VS)
$ 1092
0.68 carat Princess cut Fancy Greenish Yellow diamond
0.68 carat
Fancy Greenish Yellow
Princess cut (VVS)
$ 2699
0.47 carat Princess cut Fancy Vivid Greenish Yellow diamond
0.47 carat
Fancy Vivid Greenish Yellow
Princess cut (VVS)
$ 938
0.34 carat Princess cut Fancy Intense Greenish Yellow diamond
0.34 carat
Fancy Intense Greenish Yellow
Princess cut (I1)
$ 268
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A natural green diamond is a very rare thing to find, and, as a result, it is unbelievably expensive. The green diamond of Dresden is the best-known natural green loose in the world. The Dresden green diamond gallery topped with the 41 carats miraculous gem is the resident in The Green Vaults, which have perhaps taken their name after their main treasure. However you have a wonderful opportunity to buy jewelries with green diamonds, not natural, but cultured ones. Don’t be seized by a widely-spread prejudice that cultured diamonds are fake; they are created with the help of most advanced laboratory technology and present cheaper analogues of natural diamonds. A ring with a green diamond is a magnificent present for your dearest woman!
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