Cognac Diamonds

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1.67 carat Princess cut Fancy Vivid Orange  diamond
1.67 carat
Fancy Vivid Orange
Princess cut (SI2)
$ 4633 $ 4216
0.47 carat Radiant cut Fancy Orange Yellow diamond
0.47 carat
Fancy Orange Yellow
Radiant cut (VS)
$ 1184
0.27 carat Round cut Fancy Vivid Orange Yellow diamond
0.27 carat
Fancy Vivid Orange Yellow
Round cut (SI1)
$ 270
0.84 carat Radiant cut Fancy Deep Yellow Orange diamond
0.84 carat
Fancy Deep Yellow Orange
Radiant cut (SI2)
$ 1764
1.56 carat Princess cut Fancy Deep Orange Yellow diamond
1.56 carat
Fancy Deep Orange Yellow
Princess cut (VS2)
$ 5345
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Now in the era of fever for colored diamonds it's hard to believe that not long ago cognac diamonds were treated as the gems of lower color. Fairly enough, they are not that eye-catchy as, say, fancy yellow as far as they are of brownish color. You can come across several names of cognac diamonds including champagne and chocolate diamonds used to distinguish lighter and more saturated colors respectively. Not loud-colored, cognac diamond unleashes modest sophistication of diamonds with browny color. Alongside our rich collection of fancy colored created diamonds you can find some cognac diamonds too. Remember, only the jeweler can deliver the initial beauty of any diamond both mined and created diamonds. If you still ask yourself the same question “How are diamonds created?” you should better read from 'Eco friendly diamonds' section to know more about them and make sure they are what you are looking for.
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