4-Prong Classic Solitaire Platinum Ring with Fancy Deep Red Diamond

4-Prong Classic Solitaire Platinum Ring with Fancy Deep Red Diamond
This 4-prong Classic Solitaire ring made of Platinum sends out an attitude of elegance. We offer it mounted with sparkling created fancy Deep Red diamond. It is genuine diamond, conflict-free and eco-friendly. Now the item is available in other precious metals and rare diamond colors.

Weight:4.15 grams
Shank metal:Platinum
Peg metal:Platinum
Cut shapes available: Brilliant, Princess
Product ID:150401PPRE

Weight optionCut shapeEnd price*
0.1+ carat Brilliant$ 1344
¼ carat Brilliant$ 1800
½ carat Princess$ 2987
¾ carat Princess$ 2987
½ carat Brilliant$ 2987
¾ carat Brilliant$ 4800
1 carat Brilliant$ 6697
1 carat Princess$ 6697
* The price is for the finished product (jewelry+diamonds).
Free shipping included.

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Diamonds' Origin
Created-Diamonds use in their jewelry only 100% eco-friendly and conflict-free diamonds. Without destroying ecosystems or expending large amounts of energy, we create diamonds with the same fire and brilliance as their earth-mined counterparts. Our diamonds have absolutely same physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds. The only difference is the place of origin: mother earth vs laboratory.

Diamond' Clarity
The diamonds we use in our jewelry have grades from VS to SI under the international grading scale.
 Very Slightly Included category (VS) diamonds have minor inclusions that are difficult to somewhat easy for a trained grader to see when viewed under 10x magnification.
 Slightly Included category (SI) diamonds have noticeable inclusions that are easy to very easy for a trained grader to see when viewed under 10x magnification.

Weight Options Clarification
we offer extended size range of diamonds for each weight option:
Weight optionCarat rangeCuts
0.1+ carat0.10-0.22 ct
¼ carat0.23-0.44 ct
½ carat0.45-0.68 ct
¾ carat0.69-0.94 ct
1 carat0.95-1.19 ct
1 ¼ carat1.20-1.44 ct
1 ½ carat1.45-1.68 ct
1 ¾ carat1.69-1.94 ct
2 carat1.95-2.20 ct
So, when choosing a ring with ½ ct option, you will have a chance to get a diamond with the size up to 0.68 ct, but you will be charged only for 0.5 ct.
Brilliant cut diamonds are available up to 1.0 ct, Princess cut - up to 2.0 ct.

All the items we offer are 100% custom made. Processing time for jewelry with diamonds on stock is 3-4 weeks. In case of special order for a diamond please clarify the time with our manager.

Metal Details
All items we offer are polished. Those made of White Gold and Platinum are rhodium plated. Rhodium plating is used to provide a layer that protects the underlying metal from scratches and tarnishing, and will give a shiny white look. Please note, the weight of metal parts of items stated on the page is approximate. The final weight will be known after the selection of the matching diamond.

All our diamonds are going pre-certified by our gemologists.
Furthermore each our piece of jewelry goes with Created-Diamond' Certificate of Authentity.
Before the diamond got mounted into the selected setting you can order a grading report of GIA, IGI or EGL.

Special Order
You are welcome to enquire a diamond with rare cuts to create a unique piece of jewelry. In case you wish to order jewelry style with custom design or special diamond cut which is not presented on the web site, please fill in the Special Order form and we will contact you within 24h regarding the availability.

Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.
This style available in the following options:

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